Bengt Söderlund

Working Papers

"The Importance of Business Travel for Trade: Evidence from the Liberalization of the Soviet Airspace", 2022

Published Papers

"Capital Freedom, Financial Development and Provincial Economic Growth in China", with Patrik Tingvall, The World Economy, vol. 40(4), 2017

"Redirecting International Trade: Contracts, Conflicts and Institutions", with Ari Kokko and Patrik Tingvall, Journal of Economics and Statistics, vol. 234(6), 2014

"Dynamic Effects of Institutions on Firm-Level Exports", with Patrik Tingvall, Review of World Economics, vol. 150(2), 2014

Other Writing

The impact of travel restrictions on trade during the COVID-19 pandemic, VoxEU, November 2020

Work in Progress

"The Impact of Infrastructure on Services Trade", with Devaki Ghose and Patrik Karpaty

"Business Travel and the Spread of Technology", with Felix Engelmann

"The Apparel Sector in Haiti", with Mats Lundahl, forthcoming book, CIDIHCA, Montreal