Bengt Söderlund

Working Papers

"The Importance of Business Travel for Trade: Evidence from the Liberalization of the Soviet Airspace", 2022
(R&R Journal of International Economics)

Published Papers

"Capital Freedom, Financial Development and Provincial Economic Growth in China", with Patrik Tingvall, The World Economy, vol. 40(4), 2017

"Redirecting International Trade: Contracts, Conflicts and Institutions", with Ari Kokko and Patrik Tingvall, Journal of Economics and Statistics, vol. 234(6), 2014

"Dynamic Effects of Institutions on Firm-Level Exports", with Patrik Tingvall, Review of World Economics, vol. 150(2), 2014


"Beyond T-Shirts? The Haitian Apparel Sector", with Mats Lundahl, CIDIHCA, Montreal

Other Writing

The impact of travel restrictions on trade during the COVID-19 pandemic, VoxEU, November 2020

Work in Progress

"The Impact of Infrastructure on Services Trade", with Devaki Ghose and Patrik Karpaty

"Business Travel and the Spread of Technology", with Felix Engelmann